The main concern is performance and stability. Improved front end, order more detail improvements, re edit configuration Order ID and Order Number. Information Center price adjustment page optimization description and display.


Points & gift card support

Added support for custom currencies.Support gift cards and coupons.


Account center increase overview

Add new features and details, accounting overview, Bill classification, view.Withdraw from Account Balance to my Bank Account or Paypal Account.


Information center function improvement

The off line operation of the product and the price adjustment of the re pricing function and sub station data docking.


Information center interface adjustment

Increase information classification, product, order, unread information integration. Show recent order amount statistics
week / month / year period comparison.


Improved product selection in classification

The classification display product selection is improved, and more danxuan election, easy to operate.


One page payment improvement

Update charge version, more complete function. You can customize the page layout in the background, show or hide some information.



Simplified information

Simplify personal information, registration information, address information.


Sub station order display improvement

Back order shows the product drawing, the foreground history order shows the product.
Sliding display of shopping cart.


Create help center

Help center on the business process of all the details are illustrated, easy to understand and operate users easier.


Project on-line

Invite partners to join and test, collect feedback, plan. It will enable better cooperation between customers and partners.


Sorting code

Make it standardized, brief and efficient. Easy maintenance update.


Batch installation sub station test

Update batch sub stations. Installation, configuration, modification, more efficient, user-defined sub station layout etc.. Create skin mall and plug ins.


Create demo station

Product upload, order, data transfer, payment and other data monitoring and detail improvements.